A Virtual Analog Reality

Where are we? Hmm, there are many worlds. Some digital. Some Analog. Tonight, I think we’ve stepped into A Virtual Analog Reality. We the Entrepreneurs, are always tinkering. Dreaming, creating, trying, doing. Crazy. Mad. Forming dreams into our new realities. Analog and Digital realities. And when those realities meet, we have created a Virtual Analog Reality. Analog spaces and people. Digital tools and systems. With augmented and virtual realities, like some of the VR toys we played with tonight. Care of fellow Entrepreneur Stacy Waite. Yea, our world is a ch-ch changing! So let’s get settled in, around our massive meeting table, here at my historic downtown St. Petersburg, Florida wedding venue. The beautiful and unique event space NOVA 535. Tonight, yes as I’ve said for weeks now, is another hot and rainy Thursday. This one landing on August 8, 2019.

A Virtual Analog Reality 

Speaking of digital, this week we’ve had issues with getting one of our ALOHA POS terminals repaired. NCR is the company, a big bloated global corporation, one that is slow and inefficient and very customer unfriendly. They are difficult to deal with at best. Still, eventually, with a lot of phone calls, emails, persistence, and some good luck, my brother Chris Novilla and I finally got the guy to come out and help solve our issues. Unfortunately, that was right at 6 pm when the ESC gets rolling. Fortunately, our pal and tech guru Chris Jenkins was here, as he was while I was globetrotting in 2018-2019, to take the wheel. We see Chris basking in the glow of his adoring fans below. Gracias amigo!

Chris does so many things exceptionally well, but note-taking during the Entrepreneur Social Club meetings isn’t one of them. Tonight my story is thinner than normal, more of a names and photos kinda blog. 

Above, Mirella Huber and Merryck Walker, the ladies of BAD Laboratories, flank Maria Garces founder of Insightfuli. Below Merryck joins newish ESC members Chris Delaney founder of Masculine Mastery, and his beau Daniele Laura of Hot Souls, a Couples Relationship program.

John Periera of Imperio Realty nestles in with fellow fun-loving human and business owner, Mimi Lange. Below is Caroline Baldassarre, a health coach that is focusing on helping women with self-confidence issues, next to fellow Entrepreneur, the smart and creative, Arlene Aranzamendez.

Above is Ryan James of Liberty Insurance Adjusters, with Jackie Minchillo and hubby Donny Mincilloof pineapple development. Below is my very special friend, the laser smart and hilarious, Kym Jenkins. She’ll help you spice up any meal, just check out her VSpicery.

Above is Wes Stevenson, founder of Expand-a-Craft, with fellow water lover Allison Granell. Below is purple beauty Niajae and our good-looking CPA, Dan Novella, enjoying a moment. When you get a moment, check out Niajae’s Abundance Podcast

Tonight, August 8, 2019, our dinner was fresh and delicious, as always, at our most favorite of St. Pete restaurant, Brick and Mortar located at 539 Central Avenue, Downtown St. Pete.


Above is Andrew Blikken, returning after a few years MIA with nutritional expert Gren Simek. Below is charming globetrotter Shaun Rubrecht, joined by the lovely, smart, hilarious Entrepreneurs Krystle Pinzker of Fluent Bookkeeping and DTSP State Farm guru Mimi Lange

Above, Globetrotter Corrine Light and realtor Kathleen Seide share a cute moment, while Allison and Arlene join DJ Hoof and newcomer and brand strategist Sheahadin Jeffers. Welcome to the ESC!

Above is Steven Rosen, tech guru Seth Mattox, Maria and Joseph, CPA Dan Novello and published author Chihu join in for a smile.


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Michael Scott Novilla book It's 5 AM Go Home

Dinner time

Dinner tonight was at Brick and Mortar located at , Downtown St. Pete. Owned by ESC member Chef Jason Ruhe

After Party

Michael Scott Novilla

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Thursday 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm at NOVA 535:
August 15, 22, 29 at NOVA 535

…then dinner and more drinks immediately following…join us anytime! 

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