Chris Jenkins,

About Chris Jenkins

Hi there! I'm a Florida based web guy with cool friends and a questionable sense of humor. I love code, craft beers, and long walks on the beach while playing Ingress. I'm happily married to my best friend, and the proud father of two. I hope someday to download my brain into a computer.

About builds clean, elegant, powerful websites which are responsive for mobile, and feature deep social media integration. We specialize in business system integration and advanced content management powered by WordPress.

So, what’s this thing about, anyways?

There have been hints, rumors, and mini-conversations, but we’re far enough along at this point to really start laying out our vision for the site. This post seeks to help clarify what our desires are, and how can help you.

The purpose of the site is three fold:

  • Coalesce our social conversation around the web into one place.
  • Leverage Google authorship and other social tools to help build individual authority (the KPI program).
  • Formalize our coordination of entrepreneurial events (and ESC meeting events) with the addition of an advisory board of regular members.

I’ll go through each of these three points below:


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