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About Nick Mazeika

Born in NJ, I developed an early predilection for both games and sales - which explains why I love Sales Contests! Starting as an artist with a decade long career in technical theater, I wound up writing technical manuals at the dawn of the PC revolution which led to business technology consulting. Since then clients have ranged from small mom-n-pop business to the Fortune 50. How can I help you today?

About I'm You When You Can't Be

Whether it is representing your company or filling those gaps in what you know, I help you face the next set of challenges.

  • City: St. Petersburg
  • State: Florida
  • Phone: 727-254-8165
  • Web:

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO: Gamify Your Business or Lose

You may have seen or read about owners and managers angry at swarms of people invading their place of business in search of virtual monsters on their phones. They have wandered in, perhaps not even knowing what the business does, and are attracted by incentives in the new viral game Pokémon GO. The business managers don’t understand why they are there and just want them to go. I have a simple message for these business people. I suggest you get a job where your interaction with customers consists of the phase “Do you want fries with that?” because it’s obvious you are a terrible business person and should have no contact with potential customers! (more…)

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