Oyster Dinner Gives Us Pearls of Wisdom with the Entrepreneur Social Club at historic DTSP venue NOVA 535 in beautiful downtown St. Pete, Florida

Oyster Dinner Provides Pearls of Wisdom

Oyster Dinner Provides Pearls of Wisdom for the Entrepreneur Social Club, on this lovely Thursday night, October 12, 2017. We return to our HQ, the historic DTSP venue NOVA 535, located in beautiful downtown St. Pete, Florida. Another lively and packed house, fellow business owners and Entrepreneurs eagerly gathering to connect, to share and mentor, to enjoy blowing off some steam. And don’t forget another delicious dinner, plenty of drinks and lots of laughter. Let’s see what tomfoolery we got ourselves into this week, and what Pearls of Wisdom we can recall the next morning!

Oyster Dinner Gives Us Pearls of Wisdom with the Entrepreneur Social Club at historic DTSP venue NOVA 535 in beautiful downtown St. Pete, Florida

Michael Serwer, pictured above wearing headscarf, is focused on redeveloping Hotel Chepe in Guatemala, which among many other enticements, offers spanish lessons, delicious local food and unique experiences, all at a fantastic value. Just out of the armed forces, Michael loves to help people. Mike shares that “Hotel Chepe offers the most indigenous experience, with 6 volcanoes, very rustig, close to antigua, provides excellent coffee, all at a low cost.” I add “Hey world travelers, let’s check it out!” Next to Michael is our 5DollarFacials.com pal Julia Marie, then Mr. After-After party, my amigo, Art Gueli, and finally the lovely photographer, Jenna Michael.  What a cute ESC photo snuggle up!

BELOW is newcomer Kristi Morningstar, who is focusing on how tones and frequencies can heal, via her Energy Sound Therapy. We suggested she get a grant, and we spent time with her to help get her start-up ‘in tune’. Next is Stephanie A. Wynn author of Readi Set Go! Then is our Life Coach Paulette Bailey (wearing yellow), founder of REAL TALK, standing next to newcomer James Hagans, who was referred to the ESC by superstar Jeff Sassano. James, wearing black polo shirt, is newly retired out of the army and is focusing on helping others as a life coach; conveniently he is standing next to an all pro one. Finally we have owner of St. Pete Big Frog Custom T-Shirts franchise Sean Mulligan. Good evening everyone!

Oyster Dinner Gives Us Pearls of Wisdom with the Entrepreneur Social Club at historic DTSP venue NOVA 535 in beautiful downtown St. Pete, Florida

Pictured above is the brilliant and beautiful couple Lauren Davenport Symphony Agency CEO and hubby Daniel Fernandez, creating a photo sandwich with Mr. Cool Tony Michaelides.

BELOW is Dr. Thomas G. Quinlan of Healthy Lifestyles Tampa Bay and Roger Curlin founder of ClubSavor.com. Club Savor is the best $29.95 / month you can spend! I just joined this Thursday at Oyster Bar, and the savings on my 1st meal covered the $29.95 monthly dues. Bravo!! The fabulous Eileen Brock, from Paradise News, is smiling between Thomas and Roger. Lucky guys!

John Roberts is a recruiter for large marketing companies and owner of JonRobertsNow.com, plus working on his 1st book 2nd Shot First.  Next is the always hilarious Jodi Hansell, who is working with Casitas Verdes, an industrial chic container home project, while standing next to wonder woman Kym Jenkins, of V-Spicery.  Next to Kym, in the pretty patterned dress, is Simmy Pop, a healthy simplicity food advocate and content creator, who was in need of a better business name. So we used our ESC collective brainpower and found for her a fabulous new URL, KeepItSimmy.com. On the end is big Brian Wilson, a newcomer from Re Max Metro. Brian heard about the ESC via Paradise News, plus he’s venturing into business brokering. Welcome John and Brian!

BELOW are lovely ladies Kristi Morningstar and Stephanie A. Wynn.

Oyster Dinner Gives Us Pearls of Wisdom with the Entrepreneur Social Club at historic DTSP venue NOVA 535 in beautiful downtown St. Pete, Florida

Below tech guru Cal Tiger and me (Michael S Novilla), having a laugh with my Funny Guy Amigo Daniel Fernandez.

Above is newcomer Ally Son, who we found a fantastic new name and URL for, EventsByAlly.com. With this new name it’s quite clear that she is an event planner. With her, in red, is the super talented, lovely singer, performer, fire artist, gogo dancer and show producer Mayven Missbehavin. Look for Mayven this Friday 10-20-2017 at Novaween He11even!

Below, Ally Son is joined by Salon Owner and Stylist Daisy, Daisy Young DaisyHairDesign.com, who works in both Riverview and in St. Pete. Ally Son is all smiles, recently completing here BS in hospitality here at USF, Go Bulls!

Speaking of all smiles, below is Tara, our fantastic ESC bartender and such a wonderful human!!

Below is The Queens Head owner Tracy Asalita, Mr. All-Star Networker Jeff Sassano and newcomer James.

Above in blue is newcomer Jenny L Jacobs, a self described Jill of All Trades. She’s also writing her 1st book, Belfast Baby, is new to the St. Pete area. Welcome Jill!

Photos by (Mike) Esser is in action below as Tracy makes the smart move and gets new fantastic headshots! Need yours updated? (yes you do!) Contact Mike!

Dinner tonight was at the always delicious and festive Oyster Bar at 249 Central Avenue, DTSP. Here we enjoyed some Freshly shucked Pearls of Wisdom!

Thanks to Mayven for her help this week with taking photos, hostessing and such, bravo! Below is our business card collection.

REMINDER to get your tickets online (vs at the door) and SAVE $10 to this Friday Oct 20, 2017 Novaween He11even

2017 10-20 Friday Novaween He11even

Here are all the photos from this week, see you all Thursday for more Pearls of Wisdom!

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