Stop Panicking Start Improving

It’s Thursday, March 5, 2020, so once again our Entrepreneur Social Club [tm] is gathering, from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm, at our beautiful 100-year-old HQ building. Here at my historic wedding venue and unique event space, NOVA 535. This dynamic group gathers for business development, drinks, mentoring, networking, laughter, plus sharing successes, failures and honest feedback. Then we go downtown for dinner and more drinks. But first, we must take some time to gather ourselves, in the middle of a growing storm. Tonight our mantra is Stop Panicking Start Improving.

Stop Panicking Start Improving

Do you see the group pictured below? These are Entrepreneurs. The risk-takers. The Doers, the creators, the humans who actually get shit done. I’m beyond frustrated with people whose first inclination is towards panic and fear. Those scared tend to knee-jerk into canceling events  and panicking, throwing markets into turmoil, all because of fear. Fear of the unknown. If we all gave into that fear, if we fell quickly into a panic, we would still be cowering on the dirt floor caves. Thankfully, we Entrepreneurs are here to continue to push humanity forward, out of the darkness and dirt, into the sunlight and, hopefully, a much better future. 

Pictured above, bottom right (wearing a blue t-shirt) is my good pal Jzon Livingston, sitting next to his lovely girlfriend, Marlaina Satcher. Across from Jzon is Victor Bolivar of Churroland Sweets and next to Victor is Mandy Keyes. Mandy’s Community Cafe Pop-Ups are currently held at a historic building in Allendale.

The Show Must Go On

Tonight we discussed how we can become healthier humans, which is the best defense against illness, and fear, both of which have recently gripped our planet. The fear of the unknown. The fear of a virus, COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus, that gives people flu-like symptoms. People are panicking, canceling travel, canceling events, ruining once in a lifetime opportunities, crushing small businesses, creating way more chaos than necessary. I was so looking forward to SXSW, in Austin next week. A $400,000,000 or so impact on Austin Texas’ economy. Whoosh all gone with the blink of panicky eyes. The dreams of my 19-year-old niece, watching her short (title sequence) film “LUST”, crushed. CORVID-19 doesn’t make your eyes bleed, nor is it anything like AIDS or POLIO, it gives you flu-like symptoms. And how best to avoid getting sick at all? A healthy immune system.

Smiling and feeling positive, along with eating well, sunlight, enough rest, exercise and plenty of clean water, all help maintain a robust immune system. Like our merry crew (above) Jennifer Cruz of Just Cause Chocolates, Miss Healthy-n-Fruity Julia Marie, and food truck Churolland Sweets owner Victor Bolivar. 

You Are What You Eat

Below is Tony Michaelides, Mandy Keyes founder of Community Care and Best Day Fitness owner, Christopher Tolisano. Let’s keep it simple. You are what you eat. You are the food, the personal hygiene and cleaning products, the water your drink and the air you breathe. The harder your immune system has to work against the shit you are putting into your body, the more likely you will catch a virus. I’ve been to 91 countries, in the nastiest, filthiest places, where bacteria and viruses like COVID-19 are rampant, and yet I almost never get sick. I’m really disciplined about what I eat, drink and wear. I completely avoid sweets, dairy, gluten, and pork. I use only all-natural products (try Rollin Oats) and drink only filtered water, no ice. I’m positive, I walk, bike and laugh a lot, and ALWAYS get enough sleep. Give it a try.

Michael Scott Novilla 2018 02-23 Kuala Lumpur Central Market Chinatown

When I am off, I go see master healer, Dr. James Oneill at 2211 16th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33704. Call the Doctor at 727-894-0789 asap, he’s busy. He’s also been the private doctor for Grateful Dead, Tom Petty, Dave Matthews; you get it. A True Healer. Love him! 

Below is Realtor Andrew Cabot posing with newcomer, Christi Sadoyan, who found us via WOM. Christi is searching for help with her clean water business. She needs a CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Members recommended HubSpot, Insightly, Agile, and Quickbooks Online for bookkeeping. Speaking of Clean Water, what’s best to filter the contaminants out? Activated Carbon (absorbs the contaminants), then we should use ionization that changes the electron potential which helps alkalinize the water.

() Most people are dehydrated because the water is not being absorbed at the molecular level.
() The future of water tech is going towards Ionizers.
() Education about the human body is critical.
() Move your diet away from Sweets, Acidity, and Inflammation.

March 5, 2020, The ESC Recommends… 

Lisa Williams enjoying her delicious dinner and Brick and Mortar.

() Awakening Wellness March 7, 2020
() Best Day Fitness Fair March 28, 2020

Below are our real estate pros Kathleen Seide and John Periera.

() Think and Grow Rich
() Atlas Shrugged
() Mark Mason’s Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
() Atomic Habits
() Lean Thinking

Speaking of Books, please grab a copy of my first hilarious book, It’s 5 AM Go Home, on Amazon, or at local Haslam’s or Tombolo Book Stores. Thanks, Seth and Joe for the support!

ESC Recommendations Continued; TO-DOs:
() Commit to yourself to be grateful
() FedEx GRANT – vote for Just Cause Chocolates
() power of perseverance
() Seek to find the end of your own limits
() Focus on the positive
() Remember to support your community
() Buy Life Insurance (ask Mimi)
() Eat more chocolate (ask Jennifer)

ESC Recommendations Continued; TO-DOs:

() Attend the ESC
() Get some Garlic from Alison
() Filtered Water
() Stay Positive
() Watch youtube Simon Aries
() Find a way to delegate
() Visit Brick Street Farms
() Make sure you get enough sleep
() Eat whole, all-natural food

Above is Jason Boyer of Hummingbird Natural, LLC posing with Sean Hynes of Pixel Me Pink mobile apps and analytics.

Below is Sonsaray Dennard of Healthcare Solutions, newcomer real estate broker Daniel Hales and Julia Marie. 

Joe Miller, Mandy Keyes and Sonsaray Dennard join us for dinner at Brick and Mortar.

Higher Meading founder Jzon Livingston finds himself with Rise Above Fitness founder Holli Purcell, Realtor Amber Bennett (pink dress) and our long-time super-star member Jamie Doershuck. Jamie is best at helping you sell more online. Her specialties are messaging, copywriting and conversions. Welcome back Jamie (and crew). 

Below is newcomer Jeff Hull who recently relocated back to St. Pete (from Sarasota) after growing up here. He’s related to our pal Doug Hensel, that’s world-famous DJ Fresh! Jeff is a building design and construction consultant, and he discovered the ESC online. Welcome!

Jennifer Cruz lights up her smile while sharing Chef Jason’s amazing chocolate cake!

Jeff Hull getting to know Shave Cave founder Max Glazer. I ended up getting my haircut (again) at Shave Cave the next day, and I LOVE their new digs at 215 1st Street North, Downtown St. Pete. Plus the cut was fabulous!

Below center bottom wearing a black sweater is Sonsaray Dennard who sells Health Insurance, then to our right is (skipping the young lady) Jeremy Rasmussen of ArCon (Sinkhole) Construction Consulting. Typically sinkholes can cost $30-$150K range to mediate the sinkhole. There are two types of Sinkholes (mostly slow movers) vs catastrophic ground collapse. You can use Ground Penetrating Radar (good to 30 feet deep), which is done by a Geotech Engineer. But first, you should speak with Jeremy who can consult on which way is your best option. Next, wearing a red t-shirt is Jason Carmon of Veterans Hospital Support Foundation. Welcome back!


was at Brick and Mortar, located at 539 Central Avenue, Downtown St. Pete.

Mimi Lang, who is always fashionably late, wins the award for the best shoes of the night!

Michael Scott Novilla

Hey everyone, I’m Globetrotting Entrepreneur Michael Scott Novilla, lucky enough to have visited 91 countries in search of the world’s best parties! I love hosting our weekly Entrepreneur Social Club, as well as running my world-class venue NOVA 535. Since I’ve produced over 2,000 5-Star Weddings and Events, I put all those wild stories and pearls of wisdom learned together into my first book. It’s 5 AM Go Home is a hilarious, step-by-step guide to producing your own amazing, 5-Star, party, wedding or event. Check out my Book.

2019 02-24 Giza Great Pyramids morning tour Great Sphinx Michael Scott Novilla in Egypt


MARCH 5, 12, 19, 26 = NOVA 535

…then dinner and more drinks immediately following…join us anytime! 

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Michael Scott Novilla

Hello, I’m Globetrotting Entrepreneur Michael Scott Novilla, lucky enough to have visited 91 countries in search of the world's best parties!! As the founder of my world-class venue NOVA 535, I have produced over 2,000 Live Events. Check out my hilarious first book, It's 5 AM Go Home, a fun to read guide to producing your own amazing, 5-Star, party, wedding or event! If you're in the neighborhood, come visit me at NOVA 535 on Thursday nights in beautiful downtown St. Pete, as I host my Entrepreneur Social Club, an always fun and productive evening! Thanks and good luck to us all!